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  • khicke
    khicke · 10-21-2010 18:16:07 · E-mail Attachment problem

    We are all updated at school however some students with personal computers were having issues and asking. I had enough of them to come and ask I thought I would make the video. So far its been helpful.

  • dsefcik
    dsefcik · 10-21-2010 14:28:49 · E-mail Attachment problem

    The core problem is an old version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you update to the newest version this problem should go away.

  • dbeacom
    dbeacom · 09-29-2010 13:04:42 · Lady MacAgudelo Act I Scene II

    really beautiful photography on this clip...

  • dbeacom
    dbeacom · 09-29-2010 13:04:20 · Lady MacAgudelo Act I Scene I

    points for creative parody, extra points for costume and makeup.

  • dbeacom
    dbeacom · 09-29-2010 13:03:04 · Grapes of Wrath, Chapter 3

    great work! Question: what do you get when an interdisciplinary group of teachers has 30 mins to make a video of their favorite lesson? Answer: this video!