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Alexis Yerka CER sample

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Claim: Alex understands how to use evidence to support a claim in scientific thinking Evidence: Video of Alex explaining how the evidence collected/observed from a bunch of checks is used to support his claim posted on the HTH learning videos website. Alex’s paper is also posted on the website, which shows how he created his explanation using a CER. Reasoning: Alex understands how when one uses scientific explanations for an inquiry investigation they must have evidence to support their claim and must also be able to explain how that evidence in fact supports their claim. You see this in the video as Alex and his group are explaining their claim of Paul and Leslie being married and having a child. They talk about how they conclude that Paul and Leslie are married due to checks only having one name and then the subsequent checks have both names following a jewelry purchase which they assumed was for an engagement ring. Alex’s paper clearly shows that Alex had the same conclusion as described in the video and shows his evidence used to support his claim as well as his reasoning behind the claim.

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