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Sharrock - pictures of CER from bubble activity

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This is further documentation of the first CER activity I did in my classroom (first day of school).

Claim: my students explored the concept of CER

Evidence: they asked questions, designed experiments and then created posters about what they believe they learned from their experiments. Some students seemed to get the concept better than others as can be seen on these posters. The claim part seems to be the trickiest part for students to articulate.

Reasoning: Evidence is a more tangible concept and because of concrete observable results most students were able to articulate the evidence for a particular claim.
Reasoning relied on pre-exising knowledge as well as the concrete evidence, and while more difficult to articulate than evidence, it was still easier for students to grasp than what their claim was. Identifying their claim is where students had the most difficulty, and a concept that needs more practice in my classroom.

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